Warranty Policy

At Baby Lock Canada, we believe every consumer is entitled to a strong manufacturer’s warranty and quality service. That’s why we sell our advanced technology sewing machines, sergers and embroidery products only through Authorized Baby Lock Dealer. Authorized Baby Lock Dealers commit to a high standard of service and ethics. They provide follow-up training, advice, accessory items, service, warranty work, and other services necessitated by a specialty product. These retailers have been chosen for their dedication to supplying their customers with superior products and customer service.

As part of the contractual agreement between Baby Lock Canada and our authorized Dealer, each Dealer agrees that they will only sell Baby Lock products within their established market area. Therefore, mail order catalogs and Internet sales to consumers outside of their market area are not endorsed by Baby Lock Canada. Our warranty only exists when a Baby Lock is purchased from an Authorized Baby Lock Dealer. In order to be fair to the many Authorized Baby Lock Dealer that provide superior service to consumers, we cannot extend our warranty to consumers who obtain our products from non-authorized sources, including sales over the Internet or through mail order catalogs.

Before you purchase, we encourage you to consider what happens after the sale.

Where will you go if you need a lesson?

Who handles warranty claims?

Where will you obtain accessories?

Where will you take your machine for its yearly checkup?

Before you purchase any Baby Lock product, be sure to confirm that the retailer is an Authorized Baby Lock Dealer. This will ensure your product is covered by our warranty and will save you significant inconvenience and expense in the event that you require any repairs covered under Baby Lock’s warranty.

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